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Graduating High School Senior and Dependent Scholarship Application 2018-2019




For Graduating High School Seniors: Applicants shall be an unmarried, documented dependent of an active duty/retired military member or DoD civilian with SOFA status and shall be either graduating during the current academic school year at M.C. Perry High School or, if being home-schooled, shall graduate during the current year and currently reside aboard MCAS Iwakuni or the surrounding community. 

For Dependent Applicants:  Applicants shall be a documented dependent of an active duty/retired military member or DoD civilian with SOFA status, and currently reside aboard MCAS Iwakuni or the surrounding community.

Scholarship recipients shall be enrolled in an accredited, post-secondary academic or vocational institution within one (1) year following the date of the presentation of the scholarship award.

Applicants may not apply if they have received an OSC Scholarship in years past. This is a one-time scholarship. 


Applicants shall submit a complete application package:

  1. Application Form (if you would like to mail in your application, please download the Application Form here)

  2. Signed Statement of Understanding

  3. Transcripts (copy is acceptable)

  4. Two Letters of Recommendation

    Letters of recommendation may be written by a variety of acquaintances of the applicant, such as teachers, counselors, co-workers, family readiness officer or other community leaders. Letters from relatives will not be accepted.  Two (2) letters of recommendation are required.

  5. Essay: Prompt - How has living in Iwakuni, Japan impacted you and your goals for the future?

    The essay shall be typed, double-spaced, in 12-point font and a minimum of 500 words long.

The deadline for submission of completed application packages is 5pm (JST), April 5, 2018. Application packages received electronically or postmarked after the deadline will be returned without action. 

Mail completed application packages to: 

OSC Scholarship Committee

c/o Rachel Goodall

PSC 561 Box 664

FPO, AP  96310

Submit online applications by completing the application form and essay below (click on the blue button and the form will appear) and email other required attachments to

Selection and Disbursement of Scholarship Monies:

Scholarship recipients will be selected by an impartial OSC Scholarship Committee. Judging and selection shall be based solely on the completed application form, resume (if submitted), essay, transcripts and letters of recommendation. No other criteria may be used.

The OSC Scholarship Committee has complete authority to decide the size/amount of the scholarship awards based exclusively on the relative merit of the application packages received and limited only by the overall amount of monies made available for scholarship awards. The deliberations of the OSC Scholarship Committee are entirely confidential and their decisions are final and not subject to appeal.

In accordance with OSC bylaws, scholarship awards are not paid directly to recipients. All scholarship monies are paid instead to the post-secondary academic institution or vocational school where the student is enrolled on their behalf.  The award shall be vacated and the money shall revert back to the OSC scholarship fund if the scholarship recipient fails to enroll in an accredited, post-secondary academic or vocational institution within one (1) year of the award.

Questions may be sent to


Community Grant Application

The OSC is currently accepting applications for community grants. All grant applications will be reviewed and voted on, on a monthly basis.  If interested in applying for a community grant, please fill out the form below.

The Iwakuni Officer Spouses Club (OSC) is committed to helping improve the quality of life onboard MCAS Iwakuni.  If your organization is interested in receiving a grant from the OSC please ensure that you follow the guidelines below and fill out the application completely.

In accordance with our bylaws:

  • Requests will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. The Executive Board may determine to meet the request immediately or delay, as funds and the nature of the request allow.

  • Recipients must accept funds from approved requests prior to the date defined on the OSC Grant Request Form. Any funds not claimed by recipient by date of need are forfeited by recipient.

  • Any requests greater than $500 shall be held until the next meeting of the General Membership, and approved by majority vote.

  • Requests must be submitted by the senior officer/organizer/director of the activity to receive charitable funds.

  • Any organization may be awarded charitable funds once during each OSC operating year (October 1 to August 31). A second or subsequent award must be approved by majority vote of the general membership. Requests of travel expenses, where other budget lines exist will not be accepted (e.g. high school teams/organizations for away games, etc.).

  • If a check (charitable award) is allowed to expire, it will not be reissued for any reason.